Jun.21-23 2019
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Prof. Thami  AIT-TALEB

Ibn Zohr University, Polydiscilinary Faculty of Ouarzazate Department of Physics- Chemistry

Research Area:

Coupled heat transfers in different configurations and in buildings, Solar systems, Heat transfer functions for the building elements; Simulation of orientation and natural ventilation in the building

Research experience:

Professor at Ibn Zohr University, Polydiscilinary Faculty of Ouarzazate, Department of Physics- Chemistry, Member of the "Materials and Energy Research team» He received the Licence degree (1997) and the DESA (2001) and the Ph.D. (2009) in physics from Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, Marrakech, Morocco. And the Habilitation degree thesis to supervise research (HDR-2016) Specialty: Mechanics and Energetic, from National School of Applied Sciences Agadir, Morocco. The main range of scientific interests are the study of the coupled heat transfer by natural convection, conduction and radiation in different configurations; the heat transfer between soil and buildings,  solar systems, the development of the heat transfer functions for the building elements, also the numerical simulation of the natural ventilation of different configurations equipped with a solar chimney in different climatic conditions …About forty papers in international scientific journals and congresses was published.

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Submission: June 17,2019

Notification: About 2 weeks after the submission

Conference: June 21-23,2018

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